Man Sports ISO-EAA Rainbow Sherbet Review

Man Sports ISO-EAA Review


Rainbow Sherbet – Rainbow Sherbet is a famous treat made with orange, raspberry, lime, lemon, or pineapple flavors. Upon the first sip, you get a true ice cream vibe to it. The rainbow sherbet is identical to picking up a frozen dessert from the grocery stores. The aftertaste has a nice sweetness to it, which helps amplify the taste. Iso-Amino Rainbow Sherbet got ranked as one of the top sellers, and now I can see why. This is one of my favorite flavors MAN has produced on their amino line. If you enjoyed a variety of delicious flavors like the frozen dessert this is a must get!


Man Sports Iso-EAA is a large scoop size, but it still does mix easy. When mixed in a shaker cup I did not have any chunks or particles floating in the water. Given the number of raw actives per scoop, I expected this to settle at the bottom of the shaker cup, but that was not the case. I have never had an issue mixing Man Sports product, so the trend continues. This product mixes flawlessly


MAN Sports ISO-EAA is a BCAA/EAA formula.

Per Scoop:

  • Electrolytes (Recovery / Performance)

  • 8g BCAA’s (4g Leucine, 2g Iso-Leucine/Valine)

  • 7.8g EAA + Recovery Formula

  • 5g Glutamine (Digestion Aid)

  • 2g Taurine (Electrolytes Balance, Improve insulin sensitivity, Cardiovascular Health)


Single tubs are around $37-$40. If you keep your eyes for sales I saw them as low as $33 + a free CLA from Man Sports. Given the complex profile and large dose of amino acids that are getting what you pay for. This will cost more than their flagship Iso-Amino, but there is a reason behind it in their ingredient profile. For a complete EAA/BCAA mixture plus other recovery factors, this is a powerhouse. Man Sports took their base amino and greatly improved it.

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I have this arriving this week…

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Absolutely killer flavor, and huge dose of amino’s. You will be pleased.

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