MAN Sports Brain Bridge

@DAMON or any other MAN reps on the forums…

Do you know (or can you find out) the form of Alpha GPC used in Brain Bridge. Is it supplying 600mg of actual Alpha GPC or 600mg of Alpha GPC 50%, thereby only delivering 300mg of actual Alpha GPC.



As listed that would be a full 600 mg. If you have a 50% ingredient then it has to be listed as such to my understanding.

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Ever since i started seeing this 50% form, I started to wonder this as well

Someone messaged us in Facebook about this, and we have a lot of posts that aren’t clarifying it. So we’re going back and updating.

But due to a previous bug, Robert’s updates have been sometimes generating duplicate forum posts here, so I will be fixing that before we mess with updating those old posts.

In the meantime, would be great for brands to clarify so we don’t need to put a ‘warning’ blurb in there.

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Amen to that. I’m ok with 90% transparency, but 110% would be way better

Alpha GPC is always a 50%. Half of the compound is the phosporic ester of glycerol.

Really? Looks like I have some research to look into. Thanks for the info brosef/becky (trying not to assume gender here :wink:) lmao

Are you talking about the chemical structure of A-GPC? If so they are asking if MS BB is using A-GPC cut 50% by a buffer like silica(which is done because A-GPC is extremely hydrophilic, which makes it clump), not if A-GPC only provides 50% choline by weight(it provide 40%)

I did not know they cut it

Yep when they say 50% that means it cut with something usually silica to prevent clumping while its shipped/manufactured.

I’m checking with HQ on this

This is my opinion:

I would THINK it actually yields 300mg of pure alpha gpc as the MAX serving size of Brainbridge is 2 scoops.

Having THAT much alpha GPC + huperzine + ALCAR would produce WAY TOO MUCH acH in the brain and actually lead to brainfog.

Again, this is my own speculation

If 1 scoop truly yields 600mg, then the max serving size would have 1200mg alpha GPC + 400 mcg huperzine + 1500mg ALCAR, on top of the SerinAid dose…

Here is my issue with Brain Bridge. In their first run Man Sports advertised using trademarked AlphaSize (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline). After using two tubs and loving it, I decided to purchase two more tubs. When I received my second two tubs I noticed a different batch/lot number on the bottles as well as a very different consistency powder inside.
I wondered why the power had a different consistency so I looked at the facts panel of the second batch only to notice they switched to regular Alpha-GPC (a generic brand I’m assuming)
I’m sorry but this is shady business practice in my eyes. I love MAN Sports and their products but I hate that they did this. It doesn’t sit well with me as it makes me lose respect for the company.
ANS Performance did the same with their preworkout Ritual a few years back. They advertised patented ingredients in their initial run and then switched to regular generic ingredients a few runs later. I’m a person that prefers to pay a little extra when I know I’m getting better quality trademarked/patented ingredients in a product. When a company tries to pull a quick one like that on its customers, it has me seriously contemplating their ethics.

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I saw that a while back too, but never thought anything of it until you brought it up

Let me see if I can get more insight on this.

I just want you to know that based on our history, we are known for integrity.
There HAVE been labeling errors in the PAST, where the labels had an error and stated hydromax, when in reality it was not the patented version inside the product, and the CEO told us to inform others of the labeling error.

From the beginning, I’ve received only the non-alpha size brain bridge.

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Regardless I’d be interested in running a tub. I’ll have to order some here soon. Any possible insight on the reformulated Game Day that you’re allowed to disclose? I’m genuinely curious, but if you can’t divulge anything, I’ll be a patient little nerd @DAMON


@Nappy_Nerd As of now, GameDay is completely discontinued. That could change in the future, however for now Block buster is the main focus. We also already have another high stimulant pre (Peptest Bulk), which in my opinion is much much stronger than any variant of GameDay we’ve had thus far.