Magnum's MANE BRAIN Nootropic Brings the King of Extracts

Magnum's MANE BRAIN Nootropic Brings the King of Extracts


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Tired of weak extracts in your nootropic? Then wait until you see Mane Brain… and you can stack it anywhere! PricePlow is no stranger to Magnum Nutraceuticals, as we’ve written about nearly every one of their products — all of which are quite unique (see our Magnum Nutraceuticals news page… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Looks interesting…


Better than most lion’s mane products, but still likely not “ideal.” For reference, ND’s Nammex lion’s mane has 25% and they recommend 1000mg/day, and their 8:1 has 15% and they all recommend 1000mg/day, giving you a total beta glucan dose of 2-3.33x higher than the daily dose here.

Edit: If I had to use a lion’s mane product, I’d just opt for 2-3g/day of powder, no need for a fancy extract. Replicate the only two studies I’m aware of, and probably save some money.


Lions Mane in Controlled Labs WhiteFlash 500MG has been good to me


It’s a solid formula even without it; how do you know the lion’s mane is doing anything? Honest question, not trying to be smart.


Great question - I can only tell you that I feel very dialed in with it …Even after I train


But why artificial colors in a pill?


Probably to color the pill?


Part II of that…I use Genius Consciousness as well and it contains 500 MG of Lion’s Mane…seems to work for me…very dialed in…


So your real question would be ‘what’s the Mane reason you provide artificial colors in a pill’