Magnum Supps

Magnum Supps


Sorry gentlemen (term used loosely) I’m layed up with back spasms So I’m perusing the internet and watching NCAA FB…

Thoughts on Magnum Supps? I’ve read great things about Quattro Limitless and HMB…



Have not used them, their formulas look more style over substance, they seem to go for a under-dosed kitchen sink approach.
HMB seems good but you can get capsules much cheaper elsewhere.


From what I remember their products were pretty underdosed. One of their reps wasn’t too happy when I didn’t give their MV a glaring review.

Took a look, nothing has changed.


What happened with your affiliation? Was I right?


I have used several of their supplements. Their newer PWO Pre-Fo is one of the better products I used. I didn’t get much out of anything else really. G-Spring will knock you out though.


Thank you Shorts


? (Insert random word to get to ten)


I only ever tried their G-Spring (Sleep Aid) and it was effective because it had 20mg of Melatonin, which is ridiculous. HMB in general has worked well for me, but I cannot speak for Magnum’s version, as other posters mentioned you can find it cheaper elsewhere.


About the shady new owners my friend, credibility gone.



Lol killed the site in 2 months. Top rated roar ambition products here we come


They haven’t done that yet. In fact, their pre is ranked dead last. The google algorithm change did some real damage. Either way, I parted ways, and I’m now helping Fitness Informant.

Don’t want to get this thread off topic either. Feel free to PM me


I’m completely lost…which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone…


4 months lol. Not the thread to discuss it in, either way, it’s not my problem anymore :slight_smile:


Ya, given instant knockout has only 1 review, that gave it a 3, and yet is rated a 7.2, for, best I can tell no actual reason, it seems supplement reviews is no longer trust worthy.


Reviews are weighted, if one random pre-workout had one review and someone gave it a 10, does it deserve to be ranked higher than a product with 10+ reviews all giving it 8-10s? It’s the same with every company. Trust me, if they did anything I’d consider really bad, I’d be a whistleblower.

Just an example, here is another product with one review which is also low. Same rating:

Again though, I don’t work for them anymore and have no incentive to defend them. It was a fun side job for over a year. I’ll admit they did neglect the site for a long time, and I’m slightly bitter at that, but I’m not going to lie. Once the big changes come to the site, I may be more vocal depending on what they do.


Aaa ok, so products start at a base ranking? That makes some sense, I think it is giving this too much credit because of that, but it is at least fine.


It’s the internet…people should be encouraged to do their own research no? I mean if you believe everything you read…