Magnum Pre Fo Strawberry Marshmallow Candy Review

Magnum Pre Fo Strawberry Marshmallow Candy Review

Magnum Pre Fo Pre-Workout


Strawberry Marshmallow – Upon first sip I did not get a strong strawberry or a marshmallow flavor. To be honest this tasted like a normal fruit punch flavor. At no point could I taste the sweetness associated with a marshmallow. When a product is labeled “The best tasting pre-workout” I was hoping to actually get something that resembled the label. Magnum was off the mark on the flavor name, but besides that the fruit punch was bold, refreshing, and packed a ton of flavors (more orange, papaya, hints of strawberry and raspberries). Even with 16oz of water and 1.5 scoops this left a long lasting aftertaste that was rich. Overall the flavor is good, the name is just no where near what it should be.


Magnum Pre 4 mixes with ease. Since the scoop size is so small it almost mixes instantly when hitting the water. After a few shakes I had no clumps or anything floating in the water. I have had a few magnum powders in the past and never had a single issue with them. You should find this easy to mix in any shaker cup or blender bottle.


Per 2 Scoops:
500mg agmatine sulfate (Pump/Nutrient Partitioning)
500mg acetyl l-carnitine (Performance)
6g of citrulline malate at a 2:1 ratio (Pumps, Prevent Lactic Acid Build up) 200mg of theanine (Enhance Caffeine Half-Life)
400mg of French pine bark (Boost Endurance, Recovery)
250mg of bacopa monnieri (Cognitive Enhancer)
60mg of bitter orange (increase energy expenditure / increase fatloss)
400mg hit of caffeine with half coming from caffeine anhydrous and the other half from longer lasting dicaffeine malate.


This is a new product to the market, so it is very hard to know the true pricing of this product yet. There is 50 scoops per container, and if you double scoop that leaves 25 servings. My guess is around $40 a bottle maybe a touch lower. At that cost that is pretty common among the pre-workout category on the market. Given Magnum runs some deals or sales you may see this drop to around $25-30, which would make it cost effective. Since at one scoop most ingredients are under dosed you will see people using 1.5-2 scoops per each workout pending their caffeine tolerance.

Workout Reaction

I used Magnum Pre4 for a FED workout and 1.5 scoops after eating around 50g of carbs. The reason I detail these things is because pre-workouts will work a bit better with carbs in conjunction with the pump based products in the formula. What may work even better is the stim aspect if taken on a fasted stomach upon waking in the morning. Since I have a low caffeine tolerance even with food I feel them hit me like a brick. I usually take pre-workouts 1-2x a week at max, so this way the effects hit me super hard.

My timing looked lke this
Pre-workout meal 90 minutes prior to training
Pre4 was taken 15 minutes prior to training
Drive 10 minutes to gym
Warm-up for 10 minutes and then started to lift.

It was about 3-4 sets in I felt the smooth rush of energy (theanine) and no crashing effects at all. The pump started to come on as I got into my first working set (I train DC so I do all out intensity sets with multiple warm-ups). I ended up doing a dropset into a widowmaker (20 reps) and felt like my upperbody was getting very hard. I respond very well to Citrulline so this makes a lot of sense. I supplement daily with Agmatine because I find that also works very well for pumps. As the workout prolonged my energy never dropped, in fact is stayed very smooth. Not once did I feel jitters or a big rush of energy. Overall I was pleased with this pre-workout. Normally high stim pre-workouts can either make me feel like death or work well. Due to the added cognitive enhancers it really smoothed out the energy and left a long lasting stream of energy. My pumps were good (nothing mind blowing), but with additional hydromax or nitrates it would take this pre-workout to the next level.

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