M2 Pre Workout opinions

M2 Pre Workout opinions


Hey guys!

I’m starting for my first time a tub of M2 tomorrow. I did some research on the profile and reviews and found it very promising.

Any thoughts?


Formula looks interesting.

Between the huge doses of Eria and DMHA, and the alpha-Y, definitely seems like you’ll have one hell of a workout, then one hell of a crash.


Seems to review well with the main complaint being price (https://supplementreviews.com/mind-muscle-nutrition/m2).

Maybe start off with a half scoop then work your way up.


I loved the original formula. DMHA and 5mg Alpha Y. Wow.

They’ve reformulated it with Less Y, but kept the same price tag. Don’t see the appeal anymore, think DVST8 feels better if you’re paying $40+. Enjoy tho, it’s still a quality product


Looks like a stronger Arez Titanium w/ better pumps. Fellow stim junkie I presume guessing from that label?


Even then, most of them are saying it’s worth the money. Surprised I haven’t tried it myself.


SR took a credibility hit though, with its shady new owners


If the new owners do anything to compromise the reviews on the site, I will leave and inform. As of right now, the content is still legit.


Just used my 1st serving of M2 and, oh boy, never had a focus like that. Only con, minor nausea from the yohimbe but it wore off and did not crippled my performance.