Lipodrene: The Flagship Ephedra Fat Burner

Lipodrene: The Flagship Ephedra Fat Burner

Fat burners and thermogenics are a huge part of the market, but they’re cluttered with too many pretenders that don’t do much but hop you up on caffeine. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is well aware of the high-caffeine quandary, but they were well ahead of that curve when they formulated their potent …
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using it right now. absolutely KILLS your appetite! When mixed with a pre workouts its insane!

using it right now. absolutely KILLS your appetite! When mixed with a pre workouts its insane!

Just received it and it looks like the DMAA got pulled!

Did you get a DMAA-free formula? Post a picture up if you want.... if there's no 1,3 Dimethylamylamine Hcl (mine is showing after the green tea extract) then get a return and get the real deal!

FYI just purchased from 2 different stores listed on your website and both are sellling the reformulated non DMAA version. Looks like the old formula is gone.

Which stores??? Hit [email protected] up with the links and we can dig into this and get you taken care of if needed. Might need a picture of the ingredient label you have too.

Is it safe to take lipodrene with a pwo that has caffeine? In my case I normally take 1.5 scoops of ANS Ritual but lipodrene says not to use with other sources of caffeine. Since the caffeine in Ritual is in a proprietary blend I don't know exactly how much is in each scoop. If it also matters, I have the lipodrene with DMAA from dpsnutrition (labeled as Methylhexamine HCl).

Wouldn't advise it. Lipodrene is intense and that doesn't seem worth the risk. Better idea is to get a stimulant-free pre workout for pumps (if you're an ANS fan, ANS Dilate has a cool formula)... but mixing DMAA stuff with more stims is one of the reasons why Jack3d got into trouble in the first place.

Or, you could use one scoop of Ritual on the workout end of your day (say, first thing in the morning), and one Lipodrene tab clear on the other end of the day (like 2pm) and see how that fares. But it's preferable to go fully with Lipodrene so you more know what you're getting.

Thanks for the quick reply! Also, I was wondering if it would be safe to stack with USPLabs MaxREPS instead? I noticed it can lower blood pressure while lipodrene increases it (because of DMAA), so I'm concerned that this may cause adverse effects instead of just cancelling out. I enjoy ANS but this could be a chance for me to try out another good brand like USPLabs possibly.

YES. MaxREPS is so awesome it's not even fair. No clue how they're selling it so cheap too. Absolutely in love with that stuff, and the nitrate / citrulline reversing the BP rise is worth trying too. Haven't hooked up a monitor to prove if it works or what dose you'd need, but it *feels* less hypertensive when doing it. Should maybe toy with that and make a YouTube video.

I missed it at first, but it's there and I just ordered it this week.

Yeah I ordered this last week, seems reformulated and not has powerful has the old one... I took 2 pills and haven't felt jitters or sweating like i did with oxyelite pro and the old version of this