Like a Kid Again!

Growing up Starbursts were one of my favorite candies.

So as an adult getting to relive those flavors through a drink are amazing!

Overall, the starburst flavors were definitely dead on. The only one for me that was a miss was the orange. To me the orange starburst tasted just like the orange slice.
But otherwise, I would go in this order of favorite to least
Cherry was number one, Strawberry, Lemon, Orange.

Still the same great C4 product just with new amazing flavors.

Cellucor’s C4 energy drinks are still the absolute best energy drinks on the market. In a market that’s getting more and more saturated Cellucor will keep standing out and above all the other brands with Collab’s like this. Cant wait for the next release of the skittles flavor.


Thanks for the review
Glad you enjoyed them

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I liked the orange slice more than the orange starburst too, otherwise loved the other 3!

Thanks for putting this together.

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