L-Carnitine is Underrated. New Meta Review Reminds Us Why

Originally published at: L-Carnitine is Underrated. New Meta Review Reminds Us Why.

If you’ve ever researched dietary supplements, then chances are, you’ve stumbled across L-Carnitine. This versatile compound can be found in everything from fat burners to pre workout supplements to multivitamins. After reading this review based upon 100 citations, we are finding fewer and fewer reasons not to take ~2g L-Carnitine… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


As before my advice on using l carnitine, use ALCAR, with a high carb low protein meal for the best absorption.

LCLT has more research done on performance, but there is no reason to think its exclusive to the form. Plus ALCAR can cross the blood brain barrier, and is about the same price. It has a sour taste that dilutes fairly well, take it in a drink rather then plain,

Also here’s one of the more interesting studies I came across during my carnitine research binge a while back.
L-carnitine ameliorated fasting-induced fatigue, hunger, and metabolic abnormalities in patients with metabolic syndrome: a randomized controlled study
It found that L carnitine injections helped with fasting induced hunger/fatigue and metabolic abnormalities in metabolic syndrome patients.