KSM66 Timing

KSM66 Timing

So I received my KSM66 from NutraBio today and am eager to see its benefits as I am a bit of a stressball at times. I have never tried dosing this by itself and had a question on when to actually take it. The directions state to take it between meals, and Examine.com states to take it with food. Does it make a big difference on when I take it? Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.


Does it make a big difference on when I take it?

I’d say no. Typically, the dosing for KSM-66 is recommended as 300mg in the morning and 300mg at night, although 600mg at one time with a meal in the middle day isn’t a big deal.

It’s important to note that KSM-66 is the “energizing” standardization of ashwagandha, so after trying it out for a few days and you find that this is true for you, maybe skip dosing before bedtime.

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Ohh okay, was not aware of the energizing standardization, thanks Dan! Makes sense to hit the 600mg at lunch then. Thanks for the info brother!

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It’s a great adaptogen - enjoy! And to clarify energizing, I do mean in contrast to the more “sedative” Sensoril, definitely not a stimulatory effect like from caffeine, etc. You might also like dosing all 600mg in the morning alongside a meal, just play with the dosing.


Does dosing time for something like Rhodiola matter as well?


well its a 600mg tablet, so a one and done deal! I will try it out around breakfast to start and see how it goes, thanks!


Rhodiola does have acute anti-fatigue benefits, which can make bedtime dosing unideal.

I take it after i get off of 12 hour shifts so that i don’t just die as soon as i get home.

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