Kraken Pre Workout Delivered!

Kraken Pre Workout Delivered!


I want to give a shout out to Sparta Nutrition for making a pre workout that tastes like its supposed to… They have a cola pop flavor that actually tastes like Coke! What a concept, huh ? LOL I wish I would of seen this before I wasted my money on Magnum’s so called coke flavor pre workout. Kraken did taste like Coke. It was enjoyable and I had a good workout with it. Incredible pumps.It’s a keeper! I recommend this one.



How was this version vs. the OG formula?


Definitely something @CJ should try. Probably my second favorite Vado-6 product


In my opinion, much better pumps, but significantly less energy and focus


I would expect the pumps, given the Vaso-6. Lesser energy is a given w/o the flagship stimulants


I never had the original version but I do know my chest and triceps were very pumped yesterday. My chest felt like balloons, no joke. Felt great.


Taste alone was enough for me…LOL


That VASO6 is amazing. It’s the one ingredient I wish was in Mega Pre.


I still have 2 tubs of the OG formula Cotton candy and Rainbow candy. Nice to know the new formula is solid though.


I always thought the OG energy and focus was overrated


I like the energy on the OG, but didn’t get much focus