Keto Sweet recommendations?

Keto Sweet recommendations?


Anyone recommend any good Keto sweets?

My sugar cravings are just about nil but every once and a while I crave something sweet.


Sugar free jello cups, sugar free powerade, and diet sodas are my friends right now. Going keto myself right now.


@Clipper83 need to look at the jello cups.

Are you doing higher fats or pro?

Any specific supposed you are/will be using on Keto?

I see alot of contradicting info, some use BCAA and others don’t


50/50 PB and coconut oil. Cocoa powder if desired. Liquid Splenda. Melt it all together, pour into a baking pan lined with plastic wrap or parchment paper, refrigerate until firm, cut into cubes.
Reese’s fudge (or just PB fudge). It’s what got me through my cravings.


I’d say my proteins are higher than my fats, which is fine imo. Some say fats need to be much higher, I kind of went by Dave Palumo’s protocol. I get more calories from fat, but my protein macros are higher.

I like keto for the energy benefits mostly. No crashes throughout the day, focus increase, no appetite. I looked at 3 big boxes of donuts today and had no desire to eat them. The loss of water weight is great too, which is something I struggle with.

As long as you aren’t megadosing BCAAs throughout the day, I’d say you can use them. Last time I went keto I used VMI’s bcaa, mainly for the electrolytes and it helped me stay away from some of the side effects. Took me about 3 days to get past the keto flu. Once you’re out of it, you get a rush of euphoria and should enjoy it.

Getting past the keto flu is really the biggest step. Using some sort of BHB salt to help you avoid the headaches and brain fog is something I recommend. If you don’t, prepare for headaches, brain fog, hunger, and insomnia.

  1. “Fat Bombs”

    These usually do the trick for me.

  2. Giant Sports Keto Cocoa! (see my review in there)

  3. 90% dark chocolate, if you can consider that sweet.

Issue with all these artificial sweeteners (especially what’s in @Clipper83’s post on top of the protein powders!) is that we could be annihilating our gut biomes

OK i’m making this right now. May try some with some liquid stevia I have!!


My latest broscience theory is that most peoples’ keto flu is from lack of sodium, potassium, and magnesium moreso than lack of carbs… although it’s probably a combo of both.


Im not a believer in BCAA supplements. They are not necessary if you are getting enough protein in your diet, not to mention a post workout shake is full of them. I think its money not well spent. It’s like pouring water into a glass when the glass is already full…pointless and wasteful.
But, if you feel inclined to take BCAA’s on a keto diet they are fine. Most BCAA supplements are sugar free.


There are lots of sugar free options available. I am addicted to Coke Zero…lol Oh, and there is nothing wrong with artificial sweeteners like aspartame, stevia, splenda, etc. Don’t fall in the trap that they are harmful and make you fat. They dont!


The issue is that most “BCAA supplements” have extra stuff like glutamine and citrulline that aren’t the best for keto dieters.

Sometimes I sip on NutraBio BCAA (Pina Colada!) just for the flavor during training. Cheap, simple, and sweet.

I add a dash of extra leucine if I remember, too

Once you go keto, glutamine goes from “mostly worthless” to “detrimental”, IMHO.


@Mike may be some validity to that. I am 3 weeks in and have been fortunate enough not to get it but I also take a multi vitamin pack.

My theory is the lack of vitamin C in the diet.

Here is a weird question, I am 3 weeks in and have only lost 2 lbs. I take in between 1800-2000 Cal’s and am between 50/40/10 fats and protein interchanging and Carbs always the same.

I pee like a racehorse every 2 hrs or so and am definitely tightening somewhat.

I have had 2 cheat meals in the last 3 weeks exactly 1 week apart. My breath is funky so I know I am in ketosis



Ok so I used a square of pure bakers chocolate, Splenda powder, and added Benefiber because I add it to my fat bombs sometimes, so there will definitely be granule action, but here we go

If it’s good I’ll need to get liquid or mess with my liquid stevia, spenda powder is added carbs anyway