Keto Diet and Lifting


Starting a modified Keto diet…when woud be the best time to ingest my daily carbs; prior to workout of afterwards?

Appreciate the time

I would likely say afterwards, could you give more details on what you mean by modified keto diet?

Usually the modified keto diets contain high amounts of protein and less fats. But yes, I would like to see a breakdown of the diet.

Personally, the majority of your carbs should be eaten around your workout. Another good time would be when you wake up.

KetoGains actually suggests trying them before training:

A personal note for me is that 50g carbs total is too much for me, but it depends on how hard you’re training.

I’ve found that I enjoy NutraBio Fighter Fuel before swimming super early in the morning. I try to get about 15g carbs worth in, which gives me a bit under 100mg caffeine too. I don’t need my biggest caffeine doses at that hour so it’s perfect.

Note that I will be testing different forms of carbs and how they affect ketosis on our YouTube channel. I’m almost done with the amino acid component, and will be sprinkling in product reviews too.

I would also personally go with the protein shake post workout instead, per step 5.

@Mike Yeah, when I was cutting for my bodybuilding shows, what little carbs I could have getting close to the show, I ate them around my training when I needed them the most. I was so tired and no energy by that point of the diet.

Thanks for the great info. Modified…should have wrote modifying. On non workout days, wil keep around 20-25 and on workout days will have to figure out and play mad scientist whether it be before, after or I may do some carbs before and some carbs after.

Curious, were you guys using any protein powders? Which did you like?

Back when I did my last show, my favorite protein wasn’t around…Dymatize peanut butter flavor. 2nd favorite is MTS Mint cookies and cream. When I used protein then, it was post workout.

Yes Shawn, when I do anything Keto related I only consume the least amount of carbs needed around my workouts pre and post.

What’s your height/weight and protein intake when in keto? This is easily my biggest challenge moreso than carbs.

I’m 6’4" , 250 lbs… Usually my protein on keto was right around 210g.

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Before training

Talking with one guy, suggested waxy maize 25 gms and 25 gms post wokout then back to keto to hold fullness and also build a little size

Personally, I wouldn’t do waxy maize. I think it’s highly overrated and over priced. The one time I tried it, I thought it was horrendous. I just don’t see there being a real advantage to that vs. a little bit of oats or juice or something cheaper.

Thank you @Jeremy, totally agree. I have some left over from a previous company I worked with…

Not only that, but that crap gets everywhere. I’m not a clean guy but that stuff is on another level and finds its way into woodwork grains I didn’t even know existed.

If you’re gonna be that much of a mess, you better have some real benefits.

With that said, I eventually plan on seeing how 10g or so will spike my bood sugar compared to other things.