I personally feel like Nutrex took a step back using Dextrose instead of WMS. Seems like a cheaper replacement. I would like to see them use Carb10 or HBCD, but not everyone wants to pay for the raw actives or a different carb type.

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Dextrose post workout is definitely superior in my eyes. I’ll use HBCD pre or intra though

WMS was always a disgusting brick of an experience for me, but I always used it raw, never tried the original

That supp could be used pre intra or post. Regardless most people who train in a fed state the instant need for dextrose post has been debunked for years with food overlap and let’s face it most gym rats who train are not depleting glycogen in a 45-60-75 minute session.

Those who are training to be endurance athletes or doing multiple sessions a day could be a different story. For
Most the difference would be minimal. I just find most people don’t settle or digest dextrose as well as other carb powders on the Market. While it may be personal preference dextrose is a cheaper replacement in the grand scheme of things.

Nutrex on the other hand have been crushing the flavoring on the protein, aminos and their pres. I can’t wait to see what the new iso protein flavor is

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Cheaper is not always worse, but agree to disagree.

I use a lot of HBCD pre/intra. I like this post to replenish, fits well into the vertical diet.

I’ve never met someone who complained about digestion with dextrose

Plenty of people can’t handle dextrose as it sits heavy and causes GI Distress.

For most a simple sugar is not necessary post as there is plenty of research to prove that and insulin spiking in general. Food overlapping will be present from a pre or intra workout beverage unless someone is training fasted or an endurance athlete.

We can look at all the foolish claims stoppani makes with pixie sticks and gummy bears. For the cost per serving one could make their own for far cheaper

But as you said to each their own. I just find it a step back on the Nutrex line compared to some of their other products which have a much better profile

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Some good points. There are still people who believe in the 30 minute anabolic window…LOL If you are training in a fasted state, then yes, get some food in you pretty quick after a training session. You are 100% right about folks who train for 30 minutes to 2 hours not depleting glycogen. They won’t. There are a lot of misconceptions and bad information out there in reference to pre, intra, and post workout meals supps, etc. I need to do a video on this to clarify a lot of this.