Kaged Muscle Hydra Charge Flavoring

Has anyone used Hydra Charge to flavor their own bulk pre/post workouts? If so how was the flavoring, and if you have any other suggestions on bulk powder flavoring please share!

It is very good at masking bulk

I haven’t tried that specifically, but in my experience, it also depends on what you’re trying to cover. Stuff like creatine, betaine, and beta alanine are essentially flavorless and won’t affect the taste of hardly anything. Citrulline malate and ALCAR can add some sourness/bitterness, but not too bad. Herbs are usually rough. Phenibut and PEA were brutal to try and drink no matter what I mixed them in.

Thats good to hear, its a little more expensive than some flavor enhancers but if it works well then its worth it.

Ya im mostly worried about the cittruline. Im going with citrulline malate because i heard pure citrulline didnt taste that good but kaged does have a citrulline product so i assumed it must mask it well. And any sleep aid ive tried with phenubit always taste bad…

I love the fruit punch flavor. It will mask some basic stuff like BCAAs, but I doubt it’ll cover up your cissus + CEE + theacrine stack :wink:

Edit misread the post

Are you talking about creatine ethyl ester?
If so what’s the benefit of that?

Haha well theres no chance of me going too extreme with my stackage. Im not trying to chug down some straight peak o2

I was joking, just trying to think of some foul tasting stuff !! :face_vomiting: