Kaged Muscle Ferodrox Review | Natural Testosterone Booster

Kaged Muscle Ferodrox Review | Natural Testosterone Booster



Really good review gentlemen…I like KSM-66 and like Mike alluded to I use a Multi (Legion) that uses it. And yes I notice the difference when I don’t take it.

Edit: Question…since I have a Multi that has KSM-66 in it…how much overkill is it to take this as well? I’d imagine that’s way too much KSM-66.


I was actually thinking the same thing because after re-watching this review, I kinda wanna use Ferodrox myself! I’d have no concerns of 900mg or 1200mg of KSM-66 personally, toxicity numbers seem to be quite high for rats. Haven’t done any HED conversions though.


Thank you Mike -


I was wondering the same. I’m taking vitadapt which has 300mg of ksm-66 and been on ferodox for a week now. That puts me at 900mg of ksm but I haven’t noticed and side effects. Also examine notes the optimal dose at being 6000mg /day split Into 3 doses.

The lowest effective dose for acute usage of ashwagandha, and perhaps the most cost-effective dose, is 300-500mg. The optimal dose is 6,000mg a day usually divided into three doses (2,000mg) and while 300-500mg is effective for most situations a lower dose of 50-100mg can be seen as effective in few instances such as reducing the immunosuppression seen with stress and augmenting anxiolytic (anxiety reducing agents).


I’m relatively sure that’s for straight Ash, I.e., the root, and not specialized extracts.

That said, I’ve taken like 1.5g/day of KSM with no issues, I think you’re all fine.