Kaged Muscle CreaClear Makes Creatine Monohydrate Cool Again

Kaged Muscle CreaClear Makes Creatine Monohydrate Cool Again


Originally published at: https://blog.priceplow.com/supplement-news/kaged-muscle-creaclear

In our latest interview with Kris Gethin, the Kaged Muscle founder explains that he doesn’t sell supplements he won’t use, and that includes plain ol’ creatine monohydrate. So check out what they made! When Kris Gethin started Kaged Muscle, he had the opportunity to take years of nutrition and training… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Very very interesting concept…Creatine Mono and I don’t get along…well it’s not that dramatic…but this is interesting. How would this compare to a Kre-Alkalyn? Same concept?


Completely different concept. With Kre-Alkalyn (per their patent cited on their website), they add magnesium glycerol phosphate in order to change the pH of the overall product, but creatine is still sitting there ‘naked’ alongside (Jeff Golini or someone else can correct me if I’m wrong).

This new instead encapsulates the entire creatine monohydrate molecule in the hydrolyzed dairy protein and some other stuff to cure it, so it has a protective shell that should last longer intact in water or the beginning parts of your digestive tract until it hits the intestine - or so they’re claiming in the patent!


Thank you Mike.