John Meadows -- Heart Attack

From his FB:

This is Mary, John has suffered a heart attack today. His blood vessels appear to be fine. Potentially a clotting disorder with his blood. He is in the hospital now. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you!



This is no good…recover well John

damn just saw a video with him titled " Bodybuilders Will Have More Major Health Problems in the next few years" (or something like that) on GI

hope he heals up

What you have to be willing to accept as a trade off when you’re on the juice

Sad but true.

Hope he recovers well.

Update on John. As I mentioned yesterday one of the clots he had dissolved yesterday from the blood thinners thankfully. The other one will hopefully dissolve today on its own. They decided to not go in with a cath today, as things are going well. He is in less pain today also which is a good sign. They are running alot of different tests on him tomorrow to see if they can get a better idea of where the clot started. These are many of same tests they ran in 2005. So no surgery, no stints and hopefully full recovery. Thank you so much for all the kind messages.

They did test him for covid and he was negative.



Update on John. He is coming home today! They did alot of testing this morning, and found his heart size is completely normal, there is no calcification buildup in arteries, but there is some weakness due to the clots that were there. The weakness is about 10% of decreased heart function and could return to normal if things go right. They could not find the source of the clots but he is on blood thinners to manage that. He has bounced back very strongly from this. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.



Great to hear, thanks for keeping us updated

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