Jerry Ward's GIFD Labs = Proprietary Blends

Jerry Ward's GIFD Labs = Proprietary Blends


The self proclaimed “Fitness” YouTuber Jerry Ward is starting his own supplement company called GIFD Labs (Get It F****in Done). He is using proprietary blends and says he is proud of it and wants to do his own thing. He also says that transparent and open labels aren’t trustworthy and have stuff to hide. I am sorry you can’t make this stuff up. This dude is so clueless. I want to add the video here and let you hear it from the man himself.

This man won’t sell much by doing these sleazy marketing techniques. I just shake my head at things he has said and done the past year or so. Now here is Marc Lobliner’s response to him. Marc was right on target 100%. Great response by Marc and its the truth!


My take on proprietary blends is this…

You can say a blend has 5,000 mgs of 5 different substances but you may only get 10 mgs of 1 of those substances. With a prop blend, you can put as much or as little of a substance in as you want. THAT is a SCAM. It’s always better to know the exact amount of something in a product. That way you know what you are getting, the amount of it, and then can decide if it’s right for you. With a Prop blend, you have no idea how much of what is in there. That is not only unethical but unsafe in case of someone who is sensitive to a certain ingredient. And with a prop blend, who knows exactly what is even all in that blend.


I attempted to have a conversation with Jerry about this, he got very defensive and abrasive throwing out normal prop blend BS like “protecting his brand”

I explained that any company can test it and he still didn’t seem to understand that could take 24 hours and not much money at all.

Time will tell. He has a built in group of buyers so that’s an advantage. I wonder how many primeval buyers will convert


Jerry can say some good things every now and then, but now I question if he cracked under the stress of the PTSD like Blahino.


Lobliner went after Jerry in his EAA vs. BCAA video too (because Jerry said BCAAs can cause cancer). It’s like a circus of clowns. But it’s kind of sad that someone from our team has to stay up to speed on this nonsense in order to keep ‘relevant’. Ughhhhhh


I see both sides of the spectrum here, but in Jerry’s defense, he never said BCAA’s CAUSE cancer. He said that if one has cancer, that they contribute to further spread it as he believes the BCAA’s themselves convert to the glucose helping feed the cancer cells. Not taking a side here, as I have family that works with cancer patients. Just wanted to clarify what was said


Just repost the NB prop blend clips and move on haha


My bad. I’d edit the post but hopefully no need to if people see this

My bigger gripe on the cancer thing is with glutamine. That’s where I’d point some research.


It’s all about the wording brotha! We don’t need any misunderstandings here haha


Youtube broscience, will it ever stop?


Nope, most likely not


Jerry had his Kanye moment with me when he said “basketball isn’t cardio” … @CJ thank you once again for ranting my equal sentiments.

He had a hand in some good stuff with Primeval that I’m getting to right now. But if he’s going to take huge steps back like this, to me this means he’s trying to keep the cost of making his products down and keep the consumer in the dark at the same time.


Jesus, I really hope we make a video about all this soon. In my personal and brutally honest opinion, this is the blind leading the blind. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and I would be happy to have an open rant video pointing out both of their opposite end fallacies regarding supplements.

P.S. I appreciate both guys for other things they are very good at, this is only regarding this topic. I think it is ok for people to say that they LIKE a person, but dislike something they are saying / doing. Or in Jerry’s case, multiple things he is saying or doing lol


I still wear bios3 gear and love a lot of what he does. I wish I could help change his position on transparency though


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