Jacked Factory L-Arginine N.O. Booster: A Stand Alone Nitrosigine Supplement

Originally published at: Jacked Factory L-Arginine N.O. Booster: A Solo Nitrosigine Supplement

Premium supplements at unbeatable prices! Jacked Factory is a Canadian-based company that offers premium sports nutrition supplements at direct-to-consumer prices. One of the reasons you’ll never see Jacked Factory on supplement-store shelves is because by cutting out the middleman, the company saves on things like distribution costs, which keeps prices… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Needs more servings per $ imo.

Not knowing the raw materials cost, ~$0.50 a serving doesn’t seem too bad considering some people will spend $1.50 or more on just a pump formula to stack with another $1.50+ stim formula.

Compared to the Alpha Lion Gains Candy line (Mitoburn for example) is $38 for 60 serves (~$0.60 a serving)

Gains candy is also over priced imo

Muscletech’s vapor 5X/one at two scoops gets you the same dose with a ton of other stuff for 1$, provided you get it on sale
MTS vasky gets you a full dose at 1 scoop for 0.66 with some hydromax and taurine