Jacked Factory Growth Surge: Essential Muscle Gains

Jacked Factory Growth Surge: Essential Muscle Gains


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Jacked Factory is back on the scene with their straightforward, no nonsense daily muscle building and recovery supplement Growth Surge. After a long hiatus, Jacked Factory popped back up on our radar when they released their stim-free, nootropic-infused pre workout PumpSurge. Now the Factory is back again, with another new… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


As long as the flavoring is solid - this is awesome. The price is much more inline with what I’d like to spend on this type of product.


I had actually been meaning to post about this here. The price is excellent, the profile is good, but it’s certainly one of those products that you may not actually notice that it’s working until you stop taking it.

They also have a somewhat more expensive version that includes 5g of glutamine and some BCAAs iirc. Not really necessary if you ask me, and not worth the price hike.


This looks so poor compared to PES ergonine. Nothing touches that…


Performax Powermax XT (unfortunately replaced though) certainly touches ergonine. The flavoring alone kills every ergonine flavor.