Isatori? worth a try?

Isatori? worth a try?


ISATORI 17-BETA??? anyone tried it…and sorry if this is the inappropriate place to post this…


I have not, I don’t think testosterone boosters(outside of pro-hormones/steroids) are generally worth the price, I mean if you are getting it for free shoots go for it, otherwise I would say no.



This one? Never tried, but I’m not a fan. The first blend is led by fenugreek, a lactation supplement. I stay away from that. It’s followed by dioscorea and trib, doubtful either will have an impact on test levels, but at the provided dose, I’d wager they’ll do nothing. It includes plain DHEA, which will have little to no effect on test, they just included it because one of its names includes “andro”. DAA may be beneficial to test levels if you’re infertile, otherwise benefits are limited. Regardless, it’s severely undosed. Safed musli and avena sativa, to my knowledge have no human data for efficacy. By the way, avena sativa is literally just oats, and not standardized here. They actually threw oatmeal in here. Mucuna can benefit dopamine, therefore increasing GH and can reduce prolactin which should raise test. This is also a tiny dose. Deer antler powder is kind of a joke. Ashwaganda is a great ingredient, but also a very small dose. Finally, they sprinkled in damn near everything they could think of that could possible decrease estrogen, all in minuscule doses. Oh and there’s bioperine, so everything should absorb fine. Hope that helps.


I don’t do well with fenugreek, so right away it’s not for me.

DAA I do think is awesome (at 3g/day tho), if only for a few weeks of fun.

The Ashwaganda is a wild card in there, 5:1?

Overall I think this will be hit or miss and depend a lot on your response to fenugreek.


Awesome…well educated response. Thank you for the reply…it helped brother


I also love the DAA rise…I wish i could prolong that 12-15 day elevation. D-pol back in the day rocked until the new well dosed supps came out


I’m the same way. I feel fenugreek works. But I hate taking it. I get weird side effects, everytime, no matter what the dose is.
I love daa. I respond well to it. Wife hates me taking it though ha… ( insert evil laugh)


The original d-pol gave some of the best pumps too.


Curious what happens to you guys. Personally, my only firsthand experience was back when I worked at GNC. I collected samples (god knows why they sampled test boosters) of a few for a while so I could do an actual run. Had like a 2 week supply of Nugenix, a few 2-days worth samples of High-T, and a couple I forget now. After about 2 weeks I felt funny and stopped. Cleared up about 2 or 3 days after. I’m not sure how to describe it other than “feel funny” though. That, coupled with the traditional usage and lack of good science, I try to steer people away from fenugreek.


Being not standardized and in a 315mg blend, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Also, it shares the blend with like 9 other ingredients.


Do we really trust Isatori after they tried and sell us a $50 bottle of colostrum ( Bio-Gro) ?


I see a lot of love for DAA, but the evidence shows greatest effect in infertile men, but even then it’s only a 40% boost. Other studies was down around 30%. As far as testosterone, it’s pretty unimpressive to me. I’m curious to what extent it’s the other effects that are making people love it. It should increase NMDA activity in the brain which is excitatory. Could strength increases come from that?


I’m not sure, but I tend to get leaner looking, more vascular, and strong while on daa.


sodium nitrate…direct no2 conversion…rocks


Libido goes down, which was… something I’m not used to :blush:


Funny, it’s supposed to do the opposite! I’d wager it’s the prolactin boost. I doubt there’s any research looking at that, since all the research done so far with fenugreek has been sponsored by the people that make it.