iSatori Revenue Declines 41.9% in 2017


iSatori revenue decreased 41.9% to $4.1 million from $7.1 million [in 2017]

Kinda not surprised by this one. I did not feel like they put out that much last year and with all the newer bands coming out, they just got pushed to the side.

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They don’t have anything really good anymore and CT doesn’t need them anymore.

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It looks like 2016 was just a very good year for them in general earning 25m vs 2017’s 17m, which was more in line with the previous years(2015/14) earning 17m and 19m respectively, though I’m not sure as this is not in my area of expertise

They do go into other reasons why, and it primarily seems to be due to lack of new 2017 products and GNC restructuring

Need to put more BioGro in things!!!

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