Is Enclomiphene the Testosterone-Enhancing Drug We've Been Looking For?

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TRT has its drawbacks, which are covered below. But enclomiphene can safely reach a greater demographic of users, including young men who may still want children and/or don’t want to be on TRT for the rest of their lives In episode #062 of the PricePlow Podcast, we introduced Dr. Cameron… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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Mike, very compelling and thorough analysis. But how does Maximus, or anyone, get a hold of enclomiphene? The drug only seems to have one manufacturer, Repros, who started clinical trials under the brand name Androxal. Repros was bought by Allergan who was bought by Abbvie. The drug is not actively sold in the US and there do not appear to be any ongoing clinical trials.


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No clue, Dr. Cam is a very well-connected businessman who likely licensed the drug appropriately. You generally won’t find this anywhere out there on other “sites”, I’ve noticed.

Im gonna start doing my homework on Maximus, very intriguing, as i think i may benefit from what they offer