Is CBD Oil Legal? | Whats The Truth About CBD Supplements?

Is CBD Oil Legal? | Whats The Truth About CBD Supplements?
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I believe it depends on what state you are in whether CBD Oil is legal or not.


Negative, the federal supremacy clause overrides state law. It’s still a schedule 1 drug. Our past and current POTUS have declared it a state rights issue the current AG has his own opinion.


Sorry, you are wrong. Here in Indiana, CBD Oil was declared illegal. We just passed a bill that legalized it. It depends on the state.


Let’s have this discussion.

I live in Las Vegas (AmsterdamUSA), a multimillion industry has been created to which it is simultaneously prepared for a complete shut down if the feds come knocking. Please explain how I’m wrong


I believe the individual involved that declared it illegal for Indiana (not saying it isn’t illegal everywhere) also has ties to one of the biggest Pharma companies in the country. I wish I could remember the name of said company, but it was a woman’s name (not assuming gender LOL)


Here is to all my doubters… I am telling you, its up to the states…


I think this is a case of “its not legal, but no one is enforcing it” as is the case with straight weed being legalized.

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You’re preaching to the choir. But facts are facts and the law is the law. Until Mari is unscheduled the feds can come anytime they want and shut it down. Indiana’s puny state laws can be overridden with the stroke of a federal judges pen. It’s simply not a battle they want to spend the"political currency" on and piss ALOT of people off


And that is why this video is controversial, with a perfect 3:1 thumbs up to thumbs down ratio !

Regardless of what he says, BK knew what he was doing when he sparked this one up!! Generating discussion is always good and our goal with these kinds of interviews.

Overall, the “toothpaste is out of the tube”, so to speak. CBD is almost definitely happening whether the feds like it or not. But there’s definitely still business risk, maybe just not as much as Bruce thinks??


I personally don’t care whether its legal or not, I don’t use it. I was just trying to prove that I was not wrong. States have different laws and I live in Indiana so I know this has just became legal to sell. I believe it was passed on Tuesday of this week. For a long time, CBD Oil and Sunday alcohol sales were all we heard about on the local news…LOL


I don’t believe it’s about right or wrong here but like minded people engaged in healthy educational discussion.
“iron sharpens iron"
You just took a position I’m"highly” cough educated on but you are partially correct about legalization at state level and I applaud Indiana’s decision.