Introducing Dedicated Nutrition | #IAMDEDICATED

Introducing Dedicated Nutrition | #IAMDEDICATED



I know that Stack3d likes their pre-workout. Personally their clothing line is great (gotta love that black and gold)


Damn straight! Pittsburgh boys!


I just can’t take Simeon Panda seriously


Why so? (Filler)


I remember his old website would let people buy a meal plan - no matter your weight, height, gender, etc… it would give the exact same meal plan to everyone! Lol.

A 5”2 90lb female would have been told to eat 5 whole eggs and 2 cups of oatmeal for breakfast. Lol.


Look what Matt Towson just said. Plus his 24/7 claim of being natural. I know natural pros who don’t talk about being natural as much as he does. He has 23+ inch arms, and is 230 shredded.


Agreed, highly doubt he’s natural and that seems to always be his rhetoric. Had no idea about the diet plan thing though


If it’s any consolation I have no clue who he is. I do admit that I like the Honey Walnut Shrimp at his restaurant… (Panda Express for those of you scoring at home)


I have no clue either so don’t feel bad


He’s got a pretty large following on social media, namely Instagram. I personally follow him and enjoy a lot of the stuff he posts, plus he’s done some things with other famous individuals like Ulisses Jr. and Kai Greene


It’s the Avocado toast my friend


If he’s natty I’ll do a livestream of me quad scooping my OG Dragons Mist Re1gn.


Eh see I’m not on Instagram and don’t follow bodybuilder or powerlifters…that’s where I fall short in this arena. Personal Trainers that work with NFL and College Athletes is about it for me really…(on Twitter not on Instagram)


Hard for me to claim someone “isn’t natural” because I would never dream of diminishing someone’s work, if they were in fact a natural athlete.

Being said, it seems highly improbable that he his. Some of these guys are so genetically gifted, that they have no reason to worry about their nutrition and just eat a “bro” diet or a super “dirty” diet.

Either way, it’s a shame because they have an incredible platform to reach viewers. Sadly, many use it to share BS information to noobies, who are natural with average or below average genetics. They assume if they do it the way “Panda” says, then they’ll look like him.

I know these athletes need to market themselves, but it sucks knowing that they can misguide and mislead followers.


Here’s the thing. I (not that you asked) do not care if someone is ‘natural’ or not’ I just don’t…Because the reality is that nobody, and I mean nobody is taking anything (HGH, Steroids etc…) and combining that with sitting on the couch eating potato chips and perusing Instagram and making any progress. What is lost on so many is this little element we call ‘work your ass off’. In today’s day and age too many people want this and want that but very very few are willing to work for it…

Rant is over…you may now resume your regular programming


For the most part, we don’t care either whether or not they’re natural, we do care about misleading and giving false expectations by claiming “natty” while not actually being natural, which Simeon may be doing.


Totally agree. Its been 8 years of training, six days a week, macro tracking, etc… to get where I am. I still cant stand next to these social media stars. Natural genetics and hard work have taken me as far I can go.


Keep in mind Matt they also ‘get paid’ to look like that. The rest of us have jobs in addition to trying to look like that. Big difference.

Some people were blessed with great physical genes…some are great painters…some with great minds…it’s just how it works…as you know.


Only Layne Norton is natty let’s be serious