Intra Workout Carb Suggestions (on a budget!)

Intra Workout Carb Suggestions (on a budget!)

I’m looking for the best bang for your buck Intra Workout Carbs, specifically Custer Dextrin (or another high quality intra carb).

I was looking at Gaspari Glycofuse. Saw Redcon1 Cluster Bomb, and Nutra BIO super Carb, but those are more pricey per serving.

Any suggestions! It can include more than the carbs, but trying to stay on a budget and stop eating rice crispy treats during my workout.



Karbolyn works really well for most people
if you are super cheap then go gatorade powder (pending how it digests)


Hmm, I’ll check that out! I mean, I’m not super cheap lol, but 50-75 cents per serving would be great! Thanks!


Glycofuse all day! If you’re training hard, HBCD is going to noticeably benefit you during your sessions.


Glycofuse is great!

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agree with most people here. If you’re truly looking for the cheapest option - opt for rice cakes or maybe gummy bears or pixie dust. No joke - way cheaper if you’re looking for a quick dextrose energy source.

The rice cakes are more of anecdote for me. They are my ultimate pump up food when im backstage for a show.

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I can get you a 4lb of Karbolyn for $40 which is 50g of carbs a scoop.
so if you want to half dose that for 25g worth your looking at 50 cents/serving

how many g of carbs were you looking to consume?

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I’m thinking just 25g to start, I seem to always get hungry when I workout. (even if I eat before) Eating a rice crispy treat intraworkout 90cal (2f/17c/0~p) seems to always help. But I’ll definitely let you know gonna look at all of these today!

Thanks eveyone so far!


I love GlycoFuse, but sometimes you gotta hit the bulk bin at the grocery store and buy a pound of gummy bears.


Cluster Bomb and Super Carb are my go to’s, though I have heard great things about Glycofuse, just have not tried it yet. One I would advise staying away from is ISO-Carb by MAN. Yes you can get a good deal, and am glad you mentioned you wanted HBCDs because my stomach and Dextrose did not see eye to eye when I ran it in the past. Definitely hit up @TheSolution before you make a purchase, or any reps here, there are always deals to be had!!


I love what the guys have mentioned so far. But Glycoload gets left out a lot. The 60 serving just popped up on a BOGO deal. On top of the hbcd it’s got some serious magnesium and potassium dosage… Among other stuff sprinkled in. Buying it straight up isn’t the most budget friendly. But I’m seeing BOGOs lately.

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@Lawrence_Butler if you’re interested. I have an open container of Cutler’s Total Carb Berry flavor. It’s yours at the cost of shipping. It’s been taking up space in my pantry for a while.

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For as similar as some of these GDA formulas are, I still find Blackstone’s “glycolog” to be the best for me…

I’ve been saying this on the forum for a while… now with the lawsuit - I think we know why! Must have been putting some winstrol in it for the “hardening” effects. Haha.


I got you brother.
4lb Karbolyn Hydrate for $38 Shipped
Let me know how you like it when you get it in,

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Went with Karbolyn for this time. I’ll see how it works!

And thanks everyone for their suggestions! I’ll definitely look into trying some others to see how HBCD compares. And to see which works better for me. (The most interesting ones being Glycofuse and Clycoload)


Glycolog was wayyyyy after any of those things going on. Glycolog is still the best GDA I’ve used so far, outside of HPScience


Have you ever tested your BG Levels with that product?
I have on multiple occasions and found it do absolutely nothing for baselining my BG, but that may just be me.

Glycoshield (HPS)
Slintensity V2 (Evomuse)
Predator (Chaos & Pain)

Those are my top 3 favorite GDA’s that have actually worked well. I have found these 3 personally (for me) aid larger meals, cheat meals, and when tested on 25/50/75/100g of carbs. Everyone may respond different, but if you don’t really test a GDA with a blood glucose monitor it may be very hard to know how well one truly works.


I’ve always wondered about predator. That’s one I would need to try. Slintensity ive only ever seen the name


Keep an eye out for deals on Predator. I got mine 30% off + BOGO which is like $14 a bottle.


Hah. Yeah. I’m just messing around.

But seriously - Idk why similar formulas don’t give me a good of “fullness.l I take glycolog and my muscle look like maps and feel like rocks.