Instant Knockout Fat Burner: Is this Worth $59?

After doing some analysis, we’re starting to wonder if this product’s packaging was more expensive than the raw materials inside! Keep reading to learn about the ingredients behind this hyped up fat burner. When doing some research to keep our Best Fat Burner buyer’s guide up to date, we kept …
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Really appreciate the article, I had noticed the unbelievable number of "reviewers" proclaiming this number 1, and when no two sites can agree onthe top pre-workout, it seemed too fishy. Btw, PrimeMale and TestoFuel are their products as well. Thanks!!

Thanks for stopping by Daniel!

Number 1 indeed... for their wallets! We'll eventually look into some of the other products out there. It takes a lot of effort to properly deconstruct them, and we of course have a lot of tech to maintain here on the homefront. Hit us up with any specific questions though!

I'm very glad I stumbled on this article prior to splurging on Instant Knockout, if I chose to take this cheaper route, would one take all the pills at a certain time in the day at once, as you know Instant Knockout breaks the dosages up throughout the day x4 for their "serving size"


Typically with MOST fat burners, you take your first dose on an empty stomach prior to breakfast, and then the second dose after lunch. You can also try to time up one of those doses to be a pre-workout dose.

I probably wouldn't buy all of those pills though, I'd probably just try to find a better fat burner in general.

But if you were going to go custom route, you could really tweak things to your liking but it takes some experience and research. Sometimes cayenne on an empty stomach leads to heartburn. If you have a glucose partitioning agent, you'd want to take that before eating carbs. There's a zillion ways to slice it really.

Most dieters find a fat burner that's close to what they want and start there though. We have a guide that could help:


Instant Kockout is a complete rip off. Not only is the product itself completely worthless, the customer service from their parent company is terrible. I tried the product and saw no difference and no results. After several months of emailing and trying to get them to honor their 90 day money back guarantee, I was offered a refund for one bottle. They lied and didn't honor what they said they would which is terrible customer service. And seriously, I gave this product a good try and used it as directed for 90 days. It's probably the worse fat burner I've ever used. You might as well not take anything rather than throw your money away on this product.

Total rip off. Tried their product and got a headache. Got in touch with them because their website said you can try the product for 90 days or get your money back. Being a headache sufferer for the last 3 years, I gave it a try. Unfortunately, I got a headache after taking the 1st pill. They refused to offer a refund. Once the bottle is open, no refund. Their customer service is a complete nightmare. The website is very misleading. I disputed the purchase with PayPal and now, they offered a refund but I need to pay for shipping to the UK. Mind you, the product was shipped to me from within the US. TOTAL RIPOFF.

Their 'customer satisfaction guaranteed program' is a failure. It clearly states if you are not satisfied yet they come up with mumbo jumbo, like purchase the 3-pack.

Complete rip off. No added benefits other than having to pee 10x a day and throughout the night. Returned the product after 90 days and they are refusing to offer a refund cause I did not return the free items. Dispute opened with AMEX. Avoid this product and company at all costs!

I've found that a lot of the websites i've browsed through hype up this brand A LOT. I am skeptical about buying this product mainly because of the price. I see you said that you probably wouldnt buy all the pills that make up the Instant knockout but do you think it is bad to take them anyways? I'm trying to find a suitable fat burner on a low budget so what do you think i should do? Keep searching or buy the individual constituents and try my luck?

Hi - Right now on our Supplement Deals page ( there's a Lipo-6 bottle for $9.99. Even after shipping that's a great low-budget buy for a fraction of this cost.

So I should get Lipo-6 instead? See i'm trying to do whatever I can to lose weight, so I'm interested in buying the best fat burner and the best protein shake for my journey to weight loss. Is there any way you could guide me on what to get? This help would be much appreciated.

That's just the one that's on our deals page right now, very good sale. Feel free to email us at with your budget!

Phenomenal article. Very well done, I can't express enough how good of a read this was.