Insane Labz Pyschotic illegal ingredient

Why is no one talking about this? Last time I checked Pyschotic does not have Arecoline listed on its label. This is probably the reason why Pyschotic has so much hype with such a bad formula.“Psychotic”+by+Insane+Labz+may+pose+serious+health+risks/consumer/2017-08-11/en/28677.html

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Looks like LeCheek is in trouble?

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They should be.

Brands doing shady stuff like this that ruins the credibility for the rest. Way to go!

I FREAKING CALLED THIS. Buddies and I were talking about this a while ago, and i was said i wouldn’t be surprised if there was something in this

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Link to Canadian page:


Dammit! Checking label…


Misspelling arecoline?! What a bunch of bullshit. Shit is a total carcinogen in like 12 studies.

We’ll need to write about this next week. Thanks a ton for the heads up @Thesupplementcritic!

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this also speaks volumes to not just the company behind the shady shizz but the 3rd party retailers putting this in the market via their platforms without thoroughly vetting an ingredient they did not recognize or able to catch via a misspelling.

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Yesh good job at making BPI look good in comparison.
It doesn’t surprise me, they seem like a mixture of BPI’s dosing, muscle techs side branding and product spam, and Blackstone’s edgy pushing legality…


After reading the first post, I was about to jump in and say the PP guys have written about this already. But i see was beaten as usual. Anyway, the stuff does seem to be disappearing/pretty much gone already. It was super popular for about a month from what I remember, mostly put out by smaller brands, but I could be wrong. I never tried anything that included it (thank god) but at this point in the game, I’m hesitant to try new ingredients unless it’s from a highly reputable company, but even then, I do outside research. I’ve been keeping up with supplements enough that if something pops up that I haven’t heard of yet, it’s automatically suspicious to me.

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