Innovating BHB: NNB Nutrition and the Brains Behind Ketone Supplements

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Throughout the past decade, a topic that’s been impossible to avoid in the world of nutrition is the keto diet. As its popularity has surged, its use has successfully rescued many dieters from metabolic distress and dysfunction. Throughout this time, keto diet supplements have also gained popularity, led by exogenous… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

I am sort of surprised that compound solutions was not mentioned once in the article. They were the exclusive sublicensee in 2017 when a lot of these products were hitting the mainstream market. Personally I would have enjoyed an industry insiders take on what went down behind the scenes as far as licensing and the acquiring the patent but I might be alone in that.

There’s been some fallout between groups involved here, not all of it is stuff I’d feel comfortable airing out for those people.

At this point, the patent holder on the ingredients decided that distributors should not be sellinng to just anyone. We don’t need more BHB salt supps with loads of calcium and sodium. I don’t disagree with that thought process. there’s different levels of exclusivity with different patents. For example, I’d say N21 is one of the best at protecting their IP and only licensing to compliant, efficacious formulas…mostly. This patent took things a little further than we’d like to see in terms of exclusivity.

Frankly, part of the reason we started making BHB content this quarter is because we were successful in convincing the patent owner and manufacturer to open up the licensing of these patents to CLEARLY innovative brands that have products that can broaden the perception of ketones. (think innovation and growing brands here that previously used ketone salts and temporarily have had to stop)…

I agree with your point, so this is part 1 of our take…part 2 is coming when it hits the market and we can really talk about where it will be going!

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Thanks for the reply, just a couple days ago I checked a BHB supplement at VS and it still had the compound solutions trademark so I am looking forward to part 2.