"Ingredientology": NNB Nutrition Creates Custom Supplement Ingredients

Originally published at: “Ingredientology”: NNB Nutrition Creates Custom Supplement Ingredients

Have an industry-changing supplement idea, but need someone to develop the ingredient? This is the article to read. Imagine you work for a brand formulating supplements, spend your spare time researching nutrition and performance, or simply love blending your own homemade supplements. You stumble upon a fascinating study about some… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


No takers? I definitely thought we’d have some people springing on the chance with their huge ideas in here

I hope it works out well. We need more and better safe ingredients.

I’m actually interested in this one, and after using it, I can tell a difference.

You mean BAIBA? I’m very impressed by that one, but that was actually an in-house creation.

I know of at least two collaborations through this Ingredientology program that could really change the landscape of supplements if commercially viable

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Yeah my mind jumps straight to BAIBA or GlucoVantage when I think of NNB so :man_shrugging: