INFO - Nutrabio PRE vs PRE Extreme

INFO - Nutrabio PRE vs PRE Extreme

So what’s the difference between PRE and PRE-Extreme?

We get this question alot…we thought we’d have our supplement powerhouse guru’s
break it down for everyone from inside NutraBio headquarters…

And for visual…


So…which one will you choose???
Let us know your thoughts.


I personally like both, but PRE is my favorite as of now. Reason being is any type of carb (fast or slow) blunts/slows any other effect for me, when used in conjunction with stimulants or noots’. This may have been intentional as the PRE Extreme is stronger on paper. The PRE on the other hand kicked in quicker, and the focus was far more noticeable. All in all, both perfectly put together, but I’ll go with PRE


I love them both as well. That’s interesting…I have heard this feedback from a few people. I personally have never experienced this.

I workout early in the morning, so I just chug my PRE Extreme and it produces the pumps and energy every time.

But glad to hear PRE hits perfectly for you and keep tearing it up!!!


Actually quite enjoyed the video, keep it up!


Thanks man, we have many more to come!!


@Mike an attest to my absurd level of OCD.


  • You don’t list the 40mg magnesium from your 500mg of MCC on the Pre Extreme Label
  • You list your yohimbine HCL as yohimbe HCL, yohimbe is the plant, yohimbine is the compound, presumably

Your OCD serves you well; you caught two precise details that very few people would ever notice. Well Done and Thank you for bringing it to our attention. In one case the label has a typo, but in the second case the label is correct. Send me your address and I’ll get you out a bottle of the PRE Extreme out to you for your efforts.

Great catch on the Yohimbe typo. The actual ingredient in NutraBio PRE Extreme is Yohimbine Hcl, so that is a typo. We also manufacture an encapsulated Yohimbe which uses a natural Yohimbe Extract yielding 8mg of Yohimbine alkaloids. Thank you for bringing it our attention; the website is being corrected right now, and existing label inventory has already been quarantined for destruction.

With regard to the magnesium, our label is actually correct. The FDA regulation specifies that mineral values do not need to be claimed on the label unless you are explicitly adding it to supplement for the purpose supplementing the mineral in the diet or if you are making any claims about the mineral. In PRE Extreme, we are adding Creatine MagnaPower which is creatine chelated to 8% magnesium, for supplementing creatine into the diet. We make no claims about magnesium, so we do not need to list its value on the label. We could, but decided not to.

Copied from the FDA’s Dietary Supplement Labeling Guide: Chapter IV. Nutrition Labeling. Must I declare vitamins and minerals (other than vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron) listed in 21 CFR 101. 9©(8)(iv) and ©(9)? No. You are only required to declare them when they are added to the product for purposes of supplementation, or if you make a claim about them.


And that, ladies and gents, is why Nutrabio is a top-notch company

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Amazing Mark :slight_smile:
Thank you for clearing that up.

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No need to send a free full product, really, I like what you guys are doing, and I like buying products from companies I support. I’m actually about at the bottom of a bottle of watermelon PRE that I had bought since I was going to be doing some travel and didn’t want to have to worry about bringing my single ingredients with me.

You do list the magnesium on the other version is why I brought the magnesium up. I was comparing the two labels tabbing back and forth between the images and noticed the top box shift in size.

For our own SNS MCC, we do list the magnesium since when selling MCC we’re sort of tangentially making a magnesium claim in that the magnesium chelate is what’s causing the better absorption of the creatine, and people whose job it is to find fault with us in the supplement industry are usually willing to latch on to anything no matter how obscure.


Every time I see one of Mark Glazier’s posts on here, I’m like



I agree, there is no reason we shouldn’t list the magnesium since it does have benefit. For the sake of this discussion: the claim that magnesium, through the chelation process, improves absorption of the creatine, would not require magnesium to be listed on the supp facts panel. Only a structure/function claim about magnesium would require it to be disclosed. In other words, a claim that affects the structure or function of the human body. For example, stating that magnesium calms nerves or helps improve energy, would require listing both the elemental magnesium and the DV.


Makes sense. I just want to add It’s refreshing to see a company owner who can actually get into the meat of regulations. In the marketing marketing marketing world of supplement discussion forums, most companies tend to just shun discussion of regulation.

And I think that’s something incredibly shortsighted by the industry. Sure, it’s easy pity points with the audience, because ‘government regulations are evil! the FDA hates the supplement industry! big pharma!’

But it leads to broad misunderstandings of what regulations are actually out there, why they exist, and what they actually mean for the industry.


Pre Extreme hands down. I would only use it fasted am due to the dextrin.


If he doesn’t want it and you still want to send something out… haha! I had one of the betas of Pre-, I liked that, been curious how well the Extreme would work for me.


Reach out to Ben. He’ll send you some samples.


As someone on the lookout for my potassium and magnesium, this is one I have been catching more often lately. Happens all the time, unfortunately. The yohimbe catch gets lost in the label for me though, well done!!


I’m going to say this is one of the rare times I disagree with Mark and NutraBio.

It’s not a big deal, but I take precursory glances at these things, and when using MyFitnessPal (which I’m not sure how they’re reporting your products), 8% can go a solid way to helping us hit our numbers.

Magnesium is important to certain peoples’ bowel movements, so I think it’s good to have the number be true to what’s inside.

To me, your intent doesn’t matter - the truth about what’s inside does! (Queue FBI jokes)


The rabbit hole goes deeper: the single serving Pre Extreme (currently out of stock at NutraBio’s site) does count magnesium




Which is better for fasted early morning workouts?