iForce Thermoxyn - 30 Capsules for $3.20 at AllStarHealth! [EXPIRED]

iForce Thermoxyn - 30 Capsules for $3.20 at AllStarHealth!

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Thermoxyn is the new fat burner from iForce that’s replacing Dexaprine XR.

Users are reporting incredible appetite suppression and energy with these, which is the norm for iForce’s long line of successful fat burners.

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A bit of a shout out to allstar, they are one of the very few supplement companies that I’ve used with good customer support,

As for the product, 4 blend, 1500 MG between them
it recommends the 2 breakfast, 2 lunch split,

I’m not sure if the blends are actuly in order by weight unless they are really putting in allot of bitter orange extract

The lemon verbena extract study used 400 mg, but that could mean 400 per serving or 200. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29410606

As for the caffeine to theacrine I am assuming its low, if they dosed the theacrine well they would brag more about it.

Long story short I have no clue, and they don’t give away much in the marketing.

This deal has been reactivated:

iForce Thermoxyn - 30 Capsules for $3.20 at AllStarHealth!