Ice Shaker: The Insulated Shaker Bottle That Keeps Your Drink Cold For Hours

Originally published at: Ice Shaker: The Insulated Shaker Bottle That Keeps Your Drink Cold For Hours

Ice Shaker was designed to be the solution to several problems that arise with plastic shaker bottles. We all know the majority of the supplements we consume on a regular basis like pre workouts, aminos, and protein powders taste better when they are cold. But when you mix them up… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Can’t say I have any problem at all with my blender bottles. Frankly I prefer them for how light they are compared to this style

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I like having both around. A plastic blender bottle is more versatile, but I love having my ice shaker cup around. Seems to have lasted longer than the majority of my plastic ones lol

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I’m in more of a need for Insulated containers with my job and sport. Blender bottles and perfect shakers mix better overall.

I prefer to drink a pre or Intra/BCAA ice cold especially if it is sweet tasting. The metal shakers insulated or not are just better at chilling. That and they don’t get as funky smelling.
Looking to try the Ice Shaker and hopefully can consolidate to 1 or 2 shakers.

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I’ve been using this one for almost two years now. I find it perfect for travel, the gym, home and the golf course.

FYI not to steal the thunder from the ice shaker which I also have but blender bottle just released their version a week or two ago called strada.I just picked one up. I have the larger ice shaker size but this one seems like a good alternative.

That’s pretty dope.

TBH I’ve seen some similar models over the years so I’m not claiming ice shaker is the first.

However, It’s like comparing yeti products to the knockoffs. Similar, and probably get the job done


I own one of these and they are very well made.
Honestly, probably the nicest shaker in my collection.

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