I have an (i believe) intriguing question for you

What (existing) ingredient in sports supplements do you think has potential, but could be improved?

For instance, I enjoy glycerol products but they either clump too hard, or I hear whispers of them NOT being pure.

I’m interested in everyone’s input as there are some attentive and smart individuals in here.


A beet root extract with a super high standardization and having that standardization fully disclosed on label would be nice to see.


StimX - and tell us what the hell it is.


Interesting! I think with a lot of extracts we’d like to see a little more in depth.

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Bulk supplement powders by adding a flavor to them

Fucoxanthin by making it standalone or in a fish oil product

In general making more supplements available stand alone

I still say it’s an ultra pure Yohimbe extract with a concentration on certain alkaloids versus just pure yohimbine.

I’ve heard something along those lines here before ( probably from you ). It for sure hits me different than Alpha Y. Alpha Y always makes feel flu’ish on top of the anxiety. StimX seems to give me just the anxiety when I haven’t had it in a while and take a solid two scoops. (Olympus Labs Re1gn - questionable QC already noted) One tub was perfect and another tub was a touch too much, but never has it made me feel like some of the DMHA stuff.

So, yeah - I can buy the idea that it is a modified version of Yo.

Can’t speak too much to StimX but personally I’ve had a hard time finding DMHAs that hit me similarly. each product I use with it is pretty different, which likely has to do with the other stims and PEAs added, but sometimes I question the QC of some manufacturers willing to use DMHA and that leads to inconsistent batches.

the most consistent dosing and experiences I’ve found were with HyperMax and SuperHuman/SuperHuman Supreme.

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