Hydroxycut Next Gen – More Energy, New Ingredients!

MuscleTech is at it again with another addition to its ever-growing Performance Series with a revamped thermogenic fat-burner, Hydroxycut Next Gen! Hydroxycut has been well-regarded in the fat-burner industry since it’s debut nearly 20 years ago, and it’s not going away anytime soon with this latest iteration. MT plans to …
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Hey thanks a lot for this, appreciate all the info.
Just one question, any chance you know the gelatin capsules are kosher/halal certified? I'm trying to get in touch with Muscletech but they seem to be impossible to contact - don't want to snail mail.

Good question! I asked our contact at Iovate / MuscleTech, hope I can respond soon!

Update -- here is the response from MuscleTech: "Sorry to say our gelatin caps are not halal. Regular bovine source."

Sorry to bring the bad news! But you can empty the capsules or use the powdered form of one of MuscleTech's other fat burners in a drink! https://www.priceplow.com/f...

Thanks for putting together this piece!

well..... most of d fat burners r usd b4 workout but hydroxycut hardcore next gen has a label sayng dat it has to b taken 30-60mins before d largest meals of d day..... some say take it b4 wrkout others say take it b4 meals..... wot shud i do??? plz suggest me

Follow the label first and foremost... that will help suppress appetite. If you want to split doses and try it pre workout later on, you can experiment with that. But when in doubt, go by the label

Hi what is the color of the capsule pls red or white?