HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT ⚠ World Class Supplement Formulator


Most companies in sports nutrition are not in compliance of the law.


Yesterday went nearly exactly as I hoped it would. I’ve known for a while that Bruce was leaving / out of Giant and wanted out of sports nutrition, and really hoped he’d unload a good bit without doing anyone any damage.

He did exactly that, and some of the conversations were really fun. We were EXHAUSTED by the end of the day (especially him), he was literally talking for about 5 hours worth of time straight.

I just watched this video again – I was in it and it was still fun to listen to. I need to do more of these.

When he bought a John Deere hat at the cowboy store the day before and told me he was wearing the Trump shirt, I knew it was gonna be a fun one.

Never understand why people get so attached to politicians.Will never catch me wearing some guys name on my chest like he’s my daddy


kind of like cheering for your favorite sports team and wearing their jersey.

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Lol maybe, the politician thing just seems more creepy and desperate to me. To each his own, I guess.

I know he’s a MAGA guy but I’m almost sure he was 100% trolling some of his neighbors / friends in New Jersey, where he’s surrounded by non-MAGA types. lol. Surprised we didn’t get insta-demonetized!

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Forget politics, I’m excited about Bruce’s stimulant. More of his"see the curve of the universe" stuff?


Yes, I said the wrong thing. This is about seeing the curvature of the universe, not the curvature of earth. You just need to go to the beach or fly in a plane to see the curvature of the earth.

The stuff was super solid. I literally had FUN just sitting there, although we were talking about some fun stuff. I was ready to go train, I think it’d be a great training stim. No anxiety or heat or anything.

You shoulda seen CJ behind the camera that morning. He was bouncing around tweaking every shot, like DIALED in, and I know he wanted to jump in on the interviews. It wasn’t the kind of stuff you’d take and want to sit around doing nothing

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I’m really excited to see what it is, and how it works!