HPN Pro Zero Protein

HPN Pro Zero Protein


Well, this is a first. I am actually trying High Performance Nutrition’s Pure Zero Plant based protein…LOL I got 4 samples of it. The 4 flavors I got are…

Vanilla Frosting
Cinnamon Roll w/icing
Banana Maple French Toast
Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

I don’t think I would buy a tub due to the price but I was curious since I kept hearing how good this stuff tastes.
Well I tried the vanilla frosting yesterday after my leg workout. It smelled real good but taste wasn’t there. Didn’t have a rich/creamy vanilla taste. Bland like most vanillas. I also thought it was a bit chalky as well. I will let you know how the other 3 flavors taste.


interested in the review. always wanted to try but was way too expensive for my tastes


Yeah, I wouldn’t buy a tub either due to the cost unless I absolutely loved the taste. But then again, I prefer a whey protein over plant based any day.

The vanilla didn’t taste that good. It smelled good but it had that “dirt” or grit taste. :slight_smile:


I like HPN…I’m using their PA(7) right now. Like everyone else said - curious to hear what you think of the Protein.


i tried the cinnamon roll with frosting. The smell was on point. Taste was ok. Still has that gritty or “dirt” taste to it. Must be the plant sources…LOL I think what they need is some splenda or aspartame to make the shakes sweeter. They would be much better than.