How the power of a Credit card effects the SUPPS you buy!

How the power of a Credit card effects the SUPPS you buy!


As a consumer and fitness enthusiast I am always looking to see whats out there or whats new to help me maintain performance and recovery. The biggest learning experience for me has been helping businesses in the supplement industry on what card brands are looking for and what products and ingredients you cant sell. As consumers we are always looking for the best new thing but we never research the products we consume. Also when starting a business online in the space of health supplements its a huge learning curve to understand the “why” and how come I cant sell this product to consumers and what the grey area means or how you advertise. We all want to support the company we believe but Im sure some of you have tried to check out on the shopping cart to find out that the payment doesn’t work. Trust me 95% it’s not the companies fault so be patient and do the research.


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I don’t think he’s familiar with consumer base on this forum.


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some people got it and others didnt. that’s ok. I will be more specific and not to general. Im sure this forum has very knowledgeable people that i can learn from. thanks for the feed back.