HMB for soreness

So I used this before, clear muscle next-gen.

It worked well. But I saw this other product with HMB, anyone use it?

You get a heck of a lot more servings with this, but does it work?

Oh boy I know that @Matt_Towson used to use HMB. I don’t have much experience with it, and I have read the information on both sides of the argument. I would say though if it works for you then keep using it.

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The study I found references using HMB with PeakATP for best results.

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Ah, thanks guys.

Let me ask you guys another questions now— any recommendations for a good sup for soreness if you’re getting lean? I just read an old post about HMB, and apparently it’s for bulking. I’m Cutting now.

Rest, adequate protein intake and hydration.

After that, concentrate on blood flow for recovery.

How do you concentration blood flow?

Improve it, just like people normally do pre-workout.

I’ve never done that. Like how do you do that?

Repetitive movement. If you wanna drink your solutions, pump formulas. I recommend Vasoblitz.

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Personally, I don’t get sore because I lift too much. By the time my chest starts getting sore it’s time for another Push workout and the timer resets, which is absolutely how that works


@Caribou beat me to it.

Think citrulline, nitrates and other blood flow ingredients daily (ie: VasoBlitz) along with single ingredients like VASO6.

You can also look into ingredients like Epicatechin and Laxogenin.

In my experience hydration and EAAs…Hydration first. Not only after but during your training.

So drink plenty of water, plus take EAA’s? I thought EAA’s were a garbage supp or is that what people say about BCAA now?

so Vaso blits helps with blood flow? I see And when you say repetitive movement, you mean just do random movements over and over, like panamining bicep curl motion, or doing arm circles?

AHh this was a great debate years ago… the BCAA vs EAA one. So in my personal experience (and mind you YMMV) BCAA’s alone can help me recover if I hit the 10g mark daily… however, I have found a mix of EAA’s and BCAA’s, grabbing at least 3.2g Leucine, and totaling roughly 7g EAAs and 5g BCAAs have done the trick for me. I prefer to drink mine Intra workout, so I prefer to have hydration ingredients built in. Doing Creeping Death by John Meadows I do get a little sore 48 hours later, but as @Caribou stated I am usually back in the gym doing something else, so you work right through it. It is not like sore as in I just lifted for the first time in months, it is that oh yeah I worked hard slightly sore feeling. My recommendations for Intra (in order) are Intra Blast, Pefect 10, Alpha EAA, any Xtend, or even Proven EAA

I have taken HMB here and there, and it does work for me to reduce soreness. My most recent experience was when I was taking Genius Muscle last year, and it had HMB plus Peak O2 in it and it was a noticeable decrease in soreness. Now as far as HMB being used to build muscle, I have not heard that. According to Examine, HMB is really used for a notable decrease in muscle damage (soreness) and minor decrease in body fat. HMB is a metabolite of Lecuine, and not as effective, so realistically I would just say keep it simple and go with my post above and try an intra with at least 3.2g Leucine and decent EAA/BCAA dosage, take it daily (both training and non training days) and you should notice a difference.

I like the EAA/Carb combo Intra-Workout, but will use an EAA Supplement (Enigma) + Greens (Organifi Greens) on off days as well an that works for me. Sometimes I just have to understand that at 52 you may not recover as well…

And keep in mind what works for one, may or may not work for the other. I’ve experimented a lot over the years and as I got older and my training changed so did my recovery requirements. For one, I recover better when I ingest carbs intra…

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oh yeah I forgot to mention that, obviously I do carbs intra as well. Mainly because i work out first thing on an empty stomach so it helps give me a little more energy and carbs to burn, and does curb that hunger. Nothing worse than being halfway done with a workout and starving!! But yeah on Off days I am big (or try to be) with the tenets of recovery: EAA/BCAA/, Carbs, Protein, Hydration!!

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Repetitive movement draws blood to the muscles that are moving. Sore biceps, do some very light curls or even with no weights, like 5x20. Sore quads, load a tiny amount on the leg press and hammer out 3x30. That kinda thing.

In my case, my “repetitive motion” is just my workout, cause I do A = Push, B = Pull, ABABABABABABABABAB etc


Theoretically would HMB and creatine work like since the latter helps in creating ATP for energy?