Hey NutraBio Reps (yeah you)

Hey NutraBio Reps (yeah you)


Ahem @Kon_Rock thought you would appreciate this. I just sent a Tweet to your NutraBio Twitter folks as well. Check out what is in James Conner’s locker (look over JuJu’s shoulder)



Intra Blast! Awesome!


Should have added @Extrabeef


He’s with OL now lol


I did not get the memo…

I’ll add @Mark_Glazier


Isn’t the awesome, we have many NFL players that take care of. But so cool to see it in their locker room!


Love it…,.


Well this makes sense, my all time favorite team, and one of my favorite Supplement brands. Intra Blast is my favorite intra of all time! NICE!!! This made my day!


Now this is a very intelligent individual right here.