Hey guys! 1st post

Hey guys! 1st post


Greetings from Argentina!

I’m Pablo, 25 years old. Hoping to get more info about supps in general. I’ve been using PricePlow and Supplement Reviews to select with supps to buy.

It’s not that easy to get everything in Argentina. Very expensive to order anything. For example I ordered a M2 Pre Workout (Mind Muscle Nutrition) and paid it $72 dollars.

You’re doing a great job guys! Really good info.

My current stack:

Alpha amino ultimate (Cellucor)

M2 (Mind Muscle Nutrition), starting 1st serving on thursday

Quadralean 2.0 (RSP)

And I’m getting delivered an ATP Evolution (Nutrabio). 3.5gr creatine Pharmapure, 3.5gr creatine Magnapower and 5gr d-ribose. Really looking foward to it, it has serious science behind it IMO.

Also getting delivered some HICA from Syntrax as Super Chained.

Trying to make as most body recomp as possible until my vacation on december.

Any opinions about the stack guys?



Hello and welcome aboard!


ATP Evolution is an awesome product. Underrated in my opinion. You’ll love it.