Help me pick my next Intra

Help me pick my next Intra

During Black Friday, I decided to go a little crazy and stock up on intra products. I am a buy in bulk kinda guy on things I use consistently. Some I have had in the past and some I have not. I thought it would be more fun to have you guys help me pick which one to run next. I have a couple rules associate with it

  1. You cannot pick the product you rep for (Sorry Gaspari and Blue Star guys!)
  2. I will do a nice review of the product
  3. Try and pick one for me that is in need of a review, or you are more curious about

Here are the options

Blue Star Amino Fast (Stamina series) - White Freezie
Proven EAA (Blueberry Acai and Guava Nectarine)
Ghost Amino V2 - Welchs
Suprimos - rockets red glare

One a side note, I have about a week left of ISO-EAA (MAN) that I will put up a review on, so in a week I will start to run the choice here. Thank you for the help because I find this method to be more fun than pick it myself… its how i roll!

Just drink Powerade Zero! You can get these bad boys on sale a lot of times for 69 or 79 cents for 32 oz. bottles. Or even water will suffice.
Again, its not a popular opinion but truth… Unless your workouts are taking like 2 1/2 hours to complete, which they NEVER should, you dont need an intra workout drink.


Why is xtend elite not in there? you are missing out.

Already tried it, figure I would kick off the year with something I have not tried yet. Ones I have and not tried (Xtend Elite and IntraBlast)

Stamina series is an awesome performance enhancer, but I always run in on my long powerlifting days with a true EAA product. My vote is for Suprimos. Murica!

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I’ve used Hexagen a few months ago and it was great. Superb value and formula.

Suprimos is your best bet out all of those, is that the carb version of aminofast? if so, that would be your best option because carbs actually provide a benefit to recovery and endurance not bring up the whole “intra workout are useless argument again”.

I love IntraBlast but since it isn’t included I’m going to say Ghost

Interesting study that seems to suggest EAAs and carbs both have utility taken intra-workout regularly, with potential synergistic effects between them even:

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Or IntraBlast and SuperCarb

well the whole idea here is, that these are purchased and in my possession (the ones listed and in the pic with Iceburgh and Trolly), so all of these will be run at some point. so anything not in the pic, i either do not have, or have tried in the past. either way this could spur some interesting debate…

as far as the intra are useless, sure i can see that. I can also say PWOs are useless, multi vitamins, fish oil, protein…pretty much anything we take are. However, i like to take some of the things and the convenience they come in. thanks for the input though!


I’m with you on this…As I sip on my VasoBlitz

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Favorite/preferred Intra with Carbs? Asking for a friend

If it has at least 6-7g EAAs with at least 3g leucine, it’s good on the EAA front. I just add Gatorade powder to that, since I tolerate it fine, and don’t see a need to pay a premium for a fancy/premium carb source. I honestly tend to just mix NOW Amino-9 with bulk leucine powder and Gatorade powder and call it a day. Maybe some taurine too.


Take your favorite intra … add carbs… Simple
This way you can be flexible and adjust to what you like
Which could be dextrose, malto, HBCD, Waxy Maize etc…

I get why people buy an all in one with carbs, but personally I rather have it left out so I can adjust the dosing to my liking.


My vote is for Suprimos


If I can’t vote Gaspari (which I use Proven EAAs, Glycofuse, and SizeOn religously), I would probably say add a carbohydrate such as HBCD or Carb10 with well-dosed EAAs. Of course, additional things can be added but this can quickly turn into the home-made black hole.


Not touching that last line

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Open them all and rotate thru them.

I lack the patience to go tub by tub flavor by flavor.

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