He Stole My Tag Line! | NutraBio 2018 LA Fit Expo

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My man Dan got the roast in this one, can’t wait to sit down with you guys at the Arnold!

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Yes - It’s going to be a fun couple of months!!

@CJ @Robert

Lets plan a block of time to sit down at the Arnold, Dan and I will be there. Lets create something awesome for the consumers. We’re going to have some sick stuff coming for March

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Making Nutrabio cool, hip and trendy…by being the Standard! Awesome video guys and heck yeah, excited about what’s to come!!!

I wrote up a response on Dan’s Facebook but it never got posted because I was switching accounts or something that broke things. But gist is, I disagree with CJ wanting NutraBio to be “cooler”. He misses the big picture and doesn’t understand Mark.

Being cool comes and goes. Screw that. Being authority - the industry alpha - can be forever.

I think NutraBio simply needs to be in more faces of people who “moderately care”. And to do that, I’d use that authority. Seriously - name me one other supplement company that can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their supplements are a) not created in a bathtub, and b) have in the bottle what’s in the label?

The fact is, you can’t. Who else publishes third party tests on everything? Who else discloses WHERE their stuff is even made? There is only one company doing both.

So where are the people at?

Right now, people are

  1. in the gyms,
  2. on YouTube,
  3. on niche sites (like this one), and
  4. on Instagram.

People on niche sites like Stack3d and PricePlow and SR clearly know about NutraBio, especially with our blowout stuff this month :). So that part is mostly covered.

Instagram, in my opinion, isn’t the right audience for NutraBio. Love your models but I don’t think that’s where the ROI is. People looking at butts aren’t people who moderately care about their third party lab tests. Meanwhile, Twitter is only for sports and politics (we just post there for the sake of posting there), and Facebook is a dying ripoff that’s only getting worse. Right now, YouTube is the game.

So I personally think it’s time to take some Glazier-level noise to YouTube and keep hammering on best practices. Not every video will get a billion views, but when they do (such as the Stoppani one), it’s huge. Similarly, I’m not ashamed to say that a single article I wrote made NutraBio hundreds of - if not a thousand or so - new customers. Because we got in front of the right eyeballs and yes, there was drama involved.

NutraBio doesn’t need to swing at too many at bats to hit a few home runs and the occasional grand slam. But Mark is so busy and focused on manufacturing (as he should be, don’t get me wrong), that he doesn’t get in front of the camera enough.

So seriously, I think someone should follow him around with a camera for a week – workouts included – publish the crazy stuff, and see what happens. I think you’d be amazed in how interested people are in his life and what’s going on behind the scenes – at least the people who moderately care, which is the audience anyway.

And then you gotta just post the videos. No second guessing. It doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be out there. There’s a massive wealth of knowledge and passion stuck in that man’s head and it needs to be freed. And the crazy part is that this completely aligns with how some people love to be “marketed to” as well anymore.

As far as marketing directly to people in the gyms, that’s a taller order and I’m not savvy enough on that angle. My point is, it doesn’t need to be cool. It just needs to be what you’re already doing – only published online, unscripted.

Whew. That wasn’t supposed to be that long. And I’m no expert, but that’s my 2 cents.


Lot of good points here. There’s a lot of people on YouTube spewing garbage, would be great to have more trusted voices out there. Specially for the new generation that goes on there looking for advice or to learn.

I would say though, that the Nutrabio logo could use some tlc. It’s definetly very 90’s , I see more and more people at the gym with branded T-shirt’s ,definitely some opportunities there. I would even make a logo redesign contest out of it, a lot of great you designers out there that could benefit from it and you guys from the exposure

Man, I appreciate this and I couldn’t agree more. Ben and I discussed a lot of things the last few times I have was in the office. And we are defiantly exploring these avenues, With Ben and Dan putting out product knowledge videos. But it would be huge to have videos from “A Day with Mark Glazier” and to give the consumers an insight to his passion, his insight and his knowledge. I know for myself and probably you too, you could literally just sit there and listen to him all day long about the industry and overall self held higher standards.

@Extrabeef we gotta get the film crew together.


This was an amazing amount of insight. Thanks, Mike. I love the comparison to baseball with at-bats

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Thanks! I don’t mean to sound like a know-it-all because

  1. Mark is 5000x more successful than me; and
  2. I am not fully practicing what I preach (you don’t see me posting enough ‘rants’ to FB either, or showing my true colors much). I too am guilty - pot meet kettle

It’s not just ‘industry rants’ I’m speaking of though. I’d love to see other stuff too. Managing. Decisions. Deciding on a new flavor with Michael and the team.

Example: Say there’s a rare customer service blip where someone got the wrong product or something’s backordered and things keep going wrong (hey, it happens). It gets escalated because it turns into a mess on social media. How does Mark manage and handle it? I’d LOVE to see how he gets involved, and then what he says to the team to prevent it from happening again. And then he thanks the crew for their hard work.

I think that human part is super important too.

My higher-level take is this: Things are quite polarized lately politically, between good and evil, healthy and unhealthy, people who care and the apathetic. Customers know that someone is going to profit off of their purchase, we’re not dumb.

Because of those two things, those of us who care (about doing good and health and quality) don’t want our money going to someone who doesn’t care about quality customer service or parks in the handicapped spot. You show me a video of Mark gently kicking ass and fixing a problem because that customer comes first, and he wakes up at 4am to train but isn’t stopping working til 8pm because things aren’t yet perfect, I know my money’s going to a good guy.

I know that this is how Mark is. Why shouldn’t the customers? This is what they want these days, and Mark fits the mold perfectly without even changing! Unleash it!


Oh no, I’m with you…you guys handle lots of videos and it does bring the personal effect across to the consumer allowing them to “feel” connected to the company/people. As long as increasing the chances and rate of engagements.

The “Look inside” approach is “cool, hip and trendy” :smiley: on a much serious note and Mark is definitely the guy to open up that door to show the NutraBio difference. The guy lives and breaths it.

I think its a great idea and there would plenty of material from even just two days of filming. We will defiantly have to try and plan something out.

Actually that reminded me to email your team and request a couple more videos from my November 2016 trip. There’s one where I asked Mark about the entrepreneurial side of things, which I think many would appreciate. Hope we can get em!