HARDCORE nootropic stack report

First time using this stack:
Phenylpiracetam (absolutely f**king luv this stuff)- 200mg×3 spread throughtout the day from ND
Noopept (been using this for 3 weeks)- 30mg×3 spread throughtout the day from ND
Polygala tenuifoulia from ND- 100mg×3 spread
Alpha GPC- 1200mg×2 spread throughout the day From ND

2-amino-5 methylheptane (DMHA)- 125mg
Caffeine Anhydrous- 300mg
Huperzine A- 400mcg
Adrafinil- 600mg right in the morning from ND
Higenamine HCl- 25mg
Dynamine- 250mg from SWFT Stims Dynamine - A1supplements
Teacrine- 200mg

Now this is a lot and its very expensive. I understand this.

Im going to start off and say the day after this sucked.
After starting my stack off 600mg adrafinil and 200mg caffeine+200mg phenylpiracetam
Throughout the day I felt kracked out not kracked out enough to not focus but kracked out enough to forget to eat my second meal. With my second dose of phenylpiracetam I added the 125mg of dmha. Wheeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww sh$@$@%@^&#€///ttt. Adrafinil potentiates the absolute f$@%#%k out of other stimulants. I could feel my heart pounding a little harder (always a good feeling) and sweating was elevated. Other than those side effects I got all of my work done and more. Great stack I’m going to try it again next month.

Ok, I usually don’t shoot down a stack, but absolutely fuckkkkkkkk everything about this…too many things messing with your head at once. I bet the come down is TERRIBLE


Like I said the next day sucks. :):joy: . Edit: But ya I only did this when I had tried everything in pairs then triplets. I also said it was hardcore

You weren’t kidding man…it definitely was hardcore from the looks of it

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I find I just get absolute tunnel vision when I have a ton of choline in my brain. The choline sweat and chest pains are somewhat pleasurable for some reason. Maybe I just have a highly choline deficient brain.

Adrafinil was a pretty horrible feeling for me, phenylp is awesome but only for like the 2 or 3 times a week you can use it.

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Ya adrafinil is only positive for me when I stack it. Gotta be careful with phenyl you can gain a tolerance so quickly.

Let me preface this with holy shit.

That’s a helluva stack man. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying what that feels like, but dear god that’s expensive. I presume you get a kick out of playing mad chemist as well? There’s just something weirdly fun about getting caught up in all that. Regardless, awesome to read, thanks for sharing. Where are you getting DMHA from? Pure from a supplier or a preworkout or whatcha got going on?


Yes chemistry is fun. Gamersupps supposedly has 125mg dmha in two scoops of their gaming supplement.

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I wouldn’t trust that site with my cup of coffee. Everything about that site screams “get F@$&%#”

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