Green Magnitude? Your thoughts?

Green Magnitude? Your thoughts?


Past experience? Loving WhiteFlash (White Lines song plays in the background) And thank you


I thought it tasted pretty good. I don’t have a desire for a flavored creatine so I wouldn’t purchase it but to each their own. At least you get some additional betaine.


Thank you Shorts


Personally I say just overpriced creatine. If you’re going for more of that elite kind of feel, getting the extra ingredients aside from creatine, I’d say buy them in bulk, or go with Ghost Size


Thank you Anthony


At 80 servings its a decent price for flavored creatine, I generally like creatine hcl since it doesn’t leave residue but no one doses that well, if you have money to spend, but not enough to use ghost products then it looks like a decent option.


Thank you everyone. Was curious. I’m hit or miss when it comes to Creatine. There are days - when taken around my pre-workout that it does not sit well with me for some reason. At least Creatine Mono does not. I never considered the Ghost option but may consider that as well.


Perhaps bulk creatine HCl?


Ahh thank you.