Granite Supplements GX Pre-Workout: Explosive Energy, Maximum Performance

Originally published at: Granite Supplements GX Pre-Workout: Explosive Energy, Maximum Performance

John “The Mountain Dog” Meadows knows what it takes to create a phenomenal physique — patience, hard work, sacrifice, proper nutrition, optimized recovery, and a solid supplement stack. He’s taken it upon himself to create a brand that ticks all the boxes he would look for when purchasing a supplement… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

I was just about to ask about this…timing, as they say, is everything.

The label looks solid. Some good ingredients and doses.

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I agree…and ingredients that have worked well for me in the past - plus only 200 MG of caffeine…

Is it just me or does your head hurt trying to read this label with the dosages all over the place vs being in descending order?

I remember @Extrabeef bringing this up before.

Wonder what the thought was behind having them in this order.

I love John but there was no thought that led to this. It’s just not legal and they’re fixing it next run


So what’s in there…

‘Let’s see…there’s this…and this…and I think that’s…oh wait…and this too…yeah list that’


Side note: I’ve never followed bodybuilding nor power lifting as much as I have football (combine prep etc…) but do recall John from his days on T Nation advertising Plazma. Seems like a good guy from all of the YouTube videos I’ve seen lately.