Gotu Kola: An Herb to Improve Mood and Memory

Gotu Kola: An Herb to Improve Mood and Memory


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Gotu Kola is an old-world plant that’s been around for centuries and is experiencing a rebirth in the nootropics community for its cognitive and mood-enhancing benefits. Despite the growing popularity of nootropics this past decade, some of them have been around for thousands of years. One of them is the… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Love these types of blog posts! I’m currently trying to gain as much knowledge as possible on different ingredients, compounds, etc. found in supplements, so I thoroughly enjoy when you guys spread some knowledge. :slight_smile:


Great read! I recently started taking Brain Bridge. I’ll pick up some Gotu Kola as well. Thanks for the links to purchase!


That’s what I’m trying to do each Friday with these Nootropic mega posts. Go “down the wormhole” of each ingredient and start to really zero in on some of the proven brain boosters out there.


Awesome, Robert! Definitely keep it up.

I just read through the blog post now. Very interesting stuff. I really need to get my hands on a cognition booster as working at a computer all day can be pretty daunting on my mentality, and sometimes I’m just in a complete fog I feel like.


Look into:

Performax NootropiMax
ATP Aspire
SNS Focus XT
Northbound Blend

That’ll take care of everything you’re looking for


My mother eats that with her stew… it is disgusting to me lol. Interesting study that this may cause liver damage because a lot of the women in my family who have taken this stuff have had liver problems


Thanks for the suggestions! I know I’ve definitely seen you express love for NootropiMax. I’d love to use that product as an excuse to finally dip into some Performax Labs.