Gorilla Mode Pre Workout

I can’t believe this pre isn’t on this site yet. It has a lot of hype, but it is truly justified. I have gone through 2 tubs so far. It is like a nutrabio pre but better dosages. This pre gives me
-great pumps/blood flow
-great endurance for high volume training
-great strength
-good focus (usually stack with GPC)
-good flavor

They do a flash sale every few weeks. Sale combined with a discount code (not hard to find) plus shipping brings it to $45. It comes with fast shipping and comes out to $2.25 a serving.

I suspect priceplow sponsors would not want them to review this pre because it blows most of those out of the water. It is better than all the pre’s on the top 5 lists.

At over $3 per serving, it damn well better be amazing.

Facts. One hell of a formula but can i get a fuckin uhhhhh…discount code

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At that price per serving, you could take 1.5 scoops of NutraBio Pre and get the same or better doses of the ingredients.

Plus coming from NutraBio, you know it is third-party tested, unlike Gorilla Mind (I asked them).

I never buy at full price. They have flash sales pretty often, and combined with a discount code it’s $45 including 2 day shipping. So that’s not bad.

$2.25 per serving when you get it on flash sale which is like every other week.

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I’m not trying to take 525 mg of caffeine. Just sign up for mailing list and get it on sale (like every other week).

In that case, stay away for Apollon Nutrition products

More power to you then