GOATein is sold out as an FYI

GOATein is sold out as an FYI

I ordered a Trial Size GOATein and just received an email that it is currently sold out in Chocolate and Vanilla.

Just an FYI for everyone.

The banana is better anyway!!!

Wait…you mean the BULGING banana…does it have a great mouthfeel to it too Ben…:joy:

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Wait til you see my review with Mike about it lmfao it gets a little out of hand

I’m just not a big banana guy (insert comment here)

It gets outta hand? Shouldn’t a BULGING banana be in hand? :joy: I’m sorry…I’m running low on caffeine…

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They must have a strong following, couldn’t come out with more boring flavors. Kudos on their success

Have to start somewhere.

speaking from experience? or just on the flavors they chose?

The banana is anything but boring in my opinion

Just based on the flavors. $50 for 25 serves, give me at least some exciting flavors. Banana is cool, but how often do you think you’ll be in the mood for that. You can just throw in a banana in your vanilla protein lol

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Lmao. I agree with you, based on the name I wouldn’t expect to. Ironically (you’ll see me say exactly this in the video) this is the only banana I’d ever consider drinking for 30 days

But I absolutely agree that based off the name I wouldn’t order expecting to drink constantly.

EDIT: Did anyone notice you get 10% off for buying 1 unit? Kind of an odd concept, but that makes it 45$

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It is now Back in Stock. For those scoring at home…or elsewhere

Coupon Code : SHIPFREE
for free shipping.

you can even upgrade to Fast expedited shipping for free as well instead of just ground.

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